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Where can I find my school menu?

Where can I pass along menu feedback?


How do you manage allergies?

What if my kid has an anaphylactic allergy?

If my kid has an allergy, will they get a substitute for the Tuesday treat too?

My dietary restriction is not listed in the subscription?

A day at the Lunch Club

How does it all work?

What does my lunch include?

Why does my kid need to bring a reusable container from home? What do I do with leftovers?

What if my kid forgets their container or cutlery at home?

Do you sell containers?

What is a Lunch Club Coach (LCC)?

What are your food values at RFRK?

Absent for a day? Going away on vacation?

Can I cancel my subscription mid month?

How do I withdraw from the program?

Days of Service at your school

Do I have to join for all the days of service at my school?

Holidays and Pizza Days

Charles Sauriol

Children’s Garden School


Jackman ICS

Junior Academy

La Mosaique



Rosedale Day School

Sainte Marguerite d’Youville

Star Academy

TFS West Campus



How to

Do I need to create an account?

How do I register?

What if I want to register mid month?

I'm not sure what subscription to select

Lunch Subscription Description

What if I want to change my subscription after I've already ordered?

I'm not sure if my kid has an allergy or dietary restriction

Does RFRK offer a trial period?

Is the food shipping to my home / billing address?

How can I view past orders?

What's my start date / first lunch date?

Registration troubleshooting

How do I reset my account password?

Payment & Pricing

Accepted Payment Methods

I can't find my invoice!

How do I update my credit card?

When will I get billed/invoiced?

How did you come up with the daily lunch price?

Will my monthly pricing change if I join after the first month?

Why did the price increase for 2018/19?

Why is there a price difference if my child has an Allergy or Dietary Restriction?

I'm a staff member. Can I participate and what's my cost?

How do I use my promo code?


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