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Welcome to the Norway Public School Real Food Lunch Club Page!
Below are your school's details:
  • Days of Service - Your days of service are Tuesdays & Thursdays.
  • Lunch Options - Every lunch includes a protein, a grain, vegetables, and an RFRK approved treat, once a week!
    • If your child has allergies or dietary restrictions, please select the corresponding subscription below to let us know about their needs. Individually packaged and labelled substitutes will be sent when required. 
      Please select & create 1 subscription for each child.
  • Litterless Lunch Love - The RFLC is a litterless program – kids are required to come to school with a labelled reusable container (with lid), cutlery, and a drink.  Bringing a reusable container and cutlery from home empowers kids to be environmental leaders. 
    Revolutionize the school lunch experience by keeping the 
    RFLC litterless!
    • Holidays - We have taken all Statutory Holidays and PA days into account. If there are any pizza days that fall on your days of service, we will not be serving lunch on these days either. 
    • Pricing - You will be charged the same monthly price for every month you are subscribed. At an average of 8 lunches per month, your per lunch cost* is $6.10 or $6.40 (Allergy or Dietary Restriction) + tax.  
      *Lunch cost + tax will be refunded for any planned 
    • Missed the start of the month? No problem! When you sign up for one (1) of the subscriptions below, we'll process a refund for the lunches you've already missed!
    • Age Groups Served - JK, SK, Grades 1 - 6, Staff
    • First Lunch Date - The first lunch of the school year will be served on Tuesday, October 2nd.  After this date, all orders placed before 11 pm (EST) will qualify to start in 3 business days. 

    To learn about how to access the TDSB Value Meal, please contact us: or 416-410-5437 x2

    If you have any other questions, please head over to our FAQs for more answers!

    Please select & create 1 subscription for each participant.